Boy wearing girl's leotard for ballet?

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Misha started at the Kirov Ballet in Leningrad, then joined ABT while working with artists at NYCB and the Royal Ballet. He was eventually ABT's artistic director from to

Unlike the girls, males wear their men's tights over not under their leos. You would have an ugly "pants" line if you wore a girls leotard and that doesn't look good. However, if this is a serious question and you are not just a cross dresser like many male "dancers" who post here, I suggest you check out this site for information regarding male dancewear. It will answer all the questions that you have and tell you where to buy what you need.

You might find this site helpful too. It is called "Boys dance too" http: However, that isn't proper dance attire for a male ballet dancer. That wouldn't even be proper attire for a female ballet dancer as they are gymnastic leotards.

My daughter is a professional dancer. This Site Might Help You. I am not a dancer but I use to wear leotards for a couple of sports and I have learned that female leotards fits better to me but the male ones. And nobody ever cares Wear a girls as long as you can get away with it. Though as you get older a men's leotard is cut with more space and fits better than a woman's.

So when you get older a man's leo is best. There isn't any reason not to wear a girls leotard. The dance teacher will be able to see your body line more clearly. This culture has to evolve past antiquated gender roles. Just remember, no wedgie-picking! Because it is a deduction if you do! Related Questions Can a boy wear a girls leotard for ballet?

Do girls wear bras under their ballet leotards? But they were great with me - maybe because I think I made a good show of laughing at myself. We were all beginners, so ready to not take ourselves too seriously.

Also, luckily at that time I didn't know about the convention that guys wear their tights over the leotard, so had them on underneath.

No one commented on it and I still think it looks better that way. I agree about the tights under the leotard. It helps to keep the tights up. I was 9 at the time. I was with a classmate Becky who was in girl scouts. She and I were in the living room working on our science project. She was in Green tights with sandals. My older sister Tina who's 8 years older than me asked us if we wanted to go with her to the mall. After Becky got approval from her folks, we were on the road. I asked her to "..

She said, "I think we can solve it my way". She reached into her purse as I stood there in my shorts, t-shirt and sandals looking sad. She said, "go into that bathroom and change into these". My little heart nearly sank. I pleaded, whined, and protested all to no avail.

And Tina would've made good on her threat, "If you don't, i'll hold you down right here and put them on for you". After about 5 minutes, I came out feeling nervous. Tina then kept a tight grip on my wrist.

We had to walk two full laps around the mall on all 3 floors. Finally, Tina picked me up and place me on her shoulders. Removed my sandals and put them in her purse. I felt so humiliated with my little argyle tights feet dangling. We then went to the play area. Tina sat down and placed me on her lap straddling facing outward. I was nearly in tears. Tina again place me on her shoulders, and we walked to the car. After I was set down, Becky got in first. Tina whispered something to her, then I approached the car.

Becky said, "come in and sit on my lap facing me". I nearly freaked out. I crawled in and sat on her legs. I felt so weird with my argyle tights sitting on her green tights legs. Tina had already put her purse in the trunk. She said, "just in case you get any ideas of getting up on the way back Becky unbuckled one and used that foot to remove the other. Tina then place my hands behind my back and placed them in Becky's sandal securing the buckle strap.

She then placed the seat belt around both of us, and we left. I tried to wiggle one leg free, but Becky whispered to me, "Don't! She just get madder at you" as she used her legs to hold me still so I couldn't move. I was no embarrassed and mad. I was a tiny kid who could not out match her strength. I have only worn tights once stockings many times I was helping out a friend at a fetish fair and he made and sold carriages that were pulled by human ponies. Nobody else turned up to help so I got the job of being a demonstration pony wearing black tights and a leotard.

I was harnessed up a bit put in my mouth then hitched to a rail like a real pony and I spent the rest of the day either hitched there or being driven. Sign up for a free account, or sign in if you're already a member. If you click it, you'll go home. Go back to the beta groups experience. Post photos in leotards, tights, ballet slippers, dance dresses, and tutus. Photos Discussions Members Map About.

Which of you are 21 replies. Anyone from fort lauderdale what to dress up in leotards with me. Were anyy of you embarrassed the first time you wore tights, leotard, and ballet slippers?

When I was a 9 year old boy, I had to wear green tights, green leotard, and gre Schoolgirl dress 0 replies. I get frustrated every school holiday when our local store displays school unifo I'm looking for anyone in the least populated state in the USA. Anyone out there in San Francisco for taking a Ballet lesson together? I'm just visiting next week San Francisco.

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